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AlphaSpot: Learn Essence and Software Engineering

Version 1.3
A Free Videogame for Learning ESSCENCE
  • Learn Essence and it's alphas
  • Adquire State's Cards and read them when needed
  • 41 Levels
  • Save/Load your progress
  • Joystick Support
  • Completely Free!

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The aim of the video game Alphaspot is to facilitate the learning of the kernel Alphas of Essence 1.0 to practitioners involved in software development, in order that they can evaluate the progress and health of their projects.

Alphaspot is an educational video game created during the XX Summer of Scientific Research and Technology of the Pacific (2015) by four students of the Morelia Institute of Technology (ITM). The project was developed as part of the doctoral research of Eréndira Miriam Jimenez Hernandez, entitled. "Learning of software engineering practices through ludic strategies based with pedagogy", directed by Hanna Oktaba, Ph.D. in the Graduate Science and Engineering Computing (PCIC) at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Supervised by

  • Hanna Oktaba

Directed By

  • Eréndira Miriam Jiménez Hernández

Created By

  • Alan Martin Revillagigedo Tulais
  • Sergio Vladimir Flores Zarco
  • Daniel Bárcenas Acosta
  • Arturo López Guzmán

Audio support

  • Melba Elena Guzmán Contreras
  • Claudia Lizet Fabián Sánchez
  • Erandi Xhareni Galván Narciso


Version 1.3

Released on September 12th, 2015
  • NEWControls shown in tutorial

Version 1.2

Released on August 15th, 2015
  • FIXFixed 'Resume Game' Bug

Version 1.1

Released on August 3th, 2015
  • NEWTraining level
  • FIXVarious Bug Fixes
  • NEWRadar implemented

Version 1.0

Released on July 25th, 2015
  • NEWInitial Release

Instituto Tecnológico de Morelia Instituto Tecnológico de Morelia


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